Friday, July 18, 2014

Ask Anything...Wedding Advice for Real People

I love the look of crystal for a black tie wedding, but it's beyond our budget. Is there a good alternative?

Modern colored stemware! It brightens up a formal, neutral palette in an instant, and it's way less expensive to rent.

I'm obsessed with wedding cakes with edible flowers. Any ideas on where I can get them?

What's sweeter than blossoms good enough to eat? You can get them from Edible Flowers or Terrain.

I want to incorporate fabric from my mother's dress in to my own, but her's is lace and mine is silk. Is it doable?

Antique lace can look beautiful layered onto a silk bodice or as an accent around your neckline or waist. For a fee, most salons or designers should be able to make the alteration for you. You could also look at using it on your bouquet, your headpiece, or design a clutch to carry.

Do we have to invite our out-of-town guests to the rehearsal dinner?

A big rehearsal dinner is a nice way to thank people for making the trip, but it is by no means expected. It's totally cool to limit your dinner to the wedding party, and close family. If you'd like, you can treat your other guests to drinks and snacks back at the hotel.