Saturday, July 5, 2014

How to Plan a Wedding At Work - and Not Lose Your Job

 Use office hours to schedule vender visits, not conduct them.

It's fine to make wedding calls during your downtime, but use them to quickly and discreetly arrange meetings for weeknights and weekends.

Don't spend every lunch hour with your planner.

As you know, relationships are crucial at work, so don't let yours fade by spending every coffee break and lunch hour with your planner or venders.

Avoid obsessing over wedding details with coworkers.

She'd never say it to your face but Hillary in HR really doesn't care if you go with peonies or gardenias. Not even a little bit.

Delegate (but not to your admin).

Ask your fiance, your bridesmaids, your Mom to handle details that are less crucial to you. Give the right task to the right person and then trust them to handle it. Don't micromanage.

Ask a work buddy to keep tabs on you. 

A trusted friend or coworker can tell you when you are pushing the limits. Is your cube empty too often when the boss strolls by? Count on your girl to sound the alarm and then be sure to heed the warning!

Use vacation days strategically. 

Consider clipping that two-week honeymoon and taking one or two days off before your wedding. Then schedule back-to-back vender visits on them.