Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Spotlight on Wedding Memories

Everybody says it, and it's true. Your wedding goes by so quickly! The best gift you can give yourself (and kids and grandkids) is a book of memories from your amazing celebration. It doesn't have to be a chore or yet another task you have to do in the midst of all the planning. Here are my top tips for making it fun and easy to relive a time you will always want to remember.

Figure Out Your Style.
Are you a scrapbook fan who like saving tactile bits like a swatch of fabric from your gown? Or do you prefer the professional look of a digital photo book? Personally, I did both. A scrapbook to focus on the fun lighter side and a professional book to highlight the elegance of our day. Choose whatever inspires you.

Scrutinize Your Shot List.
Add details that you want to showcase to the must-haves that you give your photographer. Then you'll be able to paste a pic of your bouquet next to a dried petal in your scrapbook or include an image of your hand written vows in a photo book.

Appoint a Souvenir Snatcher.
Ask a pal to grab day-of keepsakes that you will be too busy to snag. And be sure to mail yourself an invitation - you can post these in a scrapbook or take photos for a digital version.

Write It Down.
Along with images, you will want to remember the words that move you. Request that everyone who makes a toast give you their notes if they make any - even if they email them to you later.

What are you planning to include in your memory catcher?