Friday, July 4, 2014

Ask Us Anything...Wedding Edition

We don't want our white centerpieces to fade into the background. How do we make them pop?

Don't worry -- white blooms can make a huge impact. For peak drama, your florist should give them seven to ten days to fully open. Leave the greenery for contrast, and try sprinkling your table with votives. Candlelight makes snowy tones stand out beautifully.


I love my invite! For favors, I'd like to give cookies that borrow from its design. Where can I get them? 

A Dozen Eggs, a bakery in Vermont that ships nation-wide, will custom design treats to match your stationery suite.

I want to wear a mermaid gown, but I'm five foot two and I worry the style will make me look shorter. What can I do?

A mermaid is doable for any height as long as it is cut to fit your body. For maximum elongation, make sure it is fitted through your hips and flares out just above - not below - your knee.