Friday, July 11, 2014

Wedding Superstitions for a Sunny Day

Just because rain on your wedding day is considered good luck doesn't mean you're hoping for it. In fact, weather wary brides throughout history have dreamt up wild ways to ward off dark skies.

  • A Southern custom calls for burying a full, unopened bottle of bourbon at the ceremony site exactly one month before saying "I do." After making it official, the newlyweds dig up the bottle and share it with their attendants. 
  • Catholics have been known to display a Virgin Mary statue in their window a week before the festivities. And if they wake up to rain on the morning of, they hang a rosary from a tree in their yard. 
  • In Ireland, relatives of the couple place a statue of baby Jesus, called the Child of Prague, under a bush to keep storm clouds away.
  • An old voodoo practice promises that anyone has the power to pause a wedding day downpour - just plant a cross on the ceremony grounds and sprinkle it with salt. 
What is your favorite Wedding Day superstition  - or the one you just won't ignore - just in case?