Saturday, May 31, 2014

What Makes a Wedding Invitation Look Modern?

When it comes to picking out a design for your wedding invitation, it is important to go with one that speaks about your theme. This way, you will be able to stay in tune with the decorations and the other preparations you have already chosen for your wedding.

If you have chosen your wedding to have a modern look, it is best that you go for invitations that have also been modernized. Here are some of the qualities of a modern wedding invitation:


In the past, invitations were simple and had limited space to work with. The artists that created these invitations tend to follow old formats because they have been proven to work with a traditional formal wedding. For invitations with a modern layout however, there is no rule as to how the words and graphics should be used. You may even use an asymmetrical layout to complete the look of a modern invitation.


In tune with modern design, the illustration used on wedding invitations have no limitations to them. There are even some that make use of edgy or whimsical graphics to help add a unique touch to the invitation. Instead of placing your photos on the invitations, you may go for an artsy character representation of you both. This will provide a fun and exciting look to your invitations.


Traditional wedding invitations make use of neutral color palettes to stay in tune to the feel of the theme. With modern invitations, however, you are free to use just about any color you want. You can even combine a number of colors on your invitations as long as the outcome looks good.


With the freedom to use different layouts, you can also make use of new fonts to make the wedding invitation look modern. You do not have to restrict yourself to the traditional fonts because there are plenty that make use of varying fonts on the invitation.

Really, modern wedding invitations have no limit to them. You can go with just about anything you want to include. Make sure that you work with a professional, however, so that the design will look coherent with one another. Email me for some invitation ideas.