Friday, May 2, 2014

Why You Should Choose Lovebirds Themed Wedding Invitations

 Love Birds on Ecru Heart Wedding Invitation

Even though most couples find lovebirds as cliché, it can be romantic when used as a theme on the wedding invitation. A more overused wedding invitation theme is a pair of doves embossed on a card. Lovebirds on wedding invitations, on save the date cards, or on both types of invites are more fashionable. Besides that, lovebirds theme has other advantages that should convince you to include it in the whole wedding.

Straight to the Point

Seeing lovebirds on a card would help the recipient connect the dots even before browsing the contents. Wedding invites are fancy at first glance but lovebird themed cards cut to the chase. It is a romantic design that is not only relevant but also flexible.

Can Accommodate the Wedding Theme

If you have a garden, homespun, or even beach wedding theme, lovebirds on wedding invitations can still be suitable. It does not matter whether you have an indoor or outdoor wedding. Lovebirds stay together in challenging conditions. That is why it complements the love a couple has for each other as well as wedding cards.

Can Cater to Other Wedding Colors

Even if you choose red as one of the main colors of your wedding, lovebird themed invites can include that aspect into the design. You can choose red as the color of the paper or the ink to enhance the lovebird design. Even if you choose a neutral color that has nothing to do with the color theme, a lovebird design on wedding invites can still make it look lavish.

Easy on The Eyes

A lovebird design on wedding invites can provide an uncluttered look. The recipient of wedding invitation can focus on the important details. If you want to have a simple but elegant wedding card theme, a lovebirds theme is a smart choice.