Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Why Invitations are important: Introducing Fall Theme Invitation

Despite the advancements in technology that are prevalent in today’s time and age, there is no comparing to the effect of receiving a printed actual invitation. Especially in weddings, it is really important that you send out real invitations instead of the ones you can send through email. The main purpose of the invitation is to announce your wedding to your friends and family members. At the same time, you are giving them useful information they will need for your big day.

Here are some of the things that wedding invitations can do:

When you receive an invitation for a wedding, you get a glimpse of what theme the couple has planned for their wedding. Since the invitation serves as a first impression, the engaged couple will look for a way to make it good.
The invitation informs you of the theme the couple has chosen for their big day. You can use the invitation as a basis on what the theme is. At the same time, you can already start preparing what to wear for the wedding you were invited to because of the colors used on the wedding invitation.

Details on the wedding invitation will not be forgotten. Compared to an email, the recipient may push the email further into the back and will completely forget about the event until it’s a few days before the wedding. Instead of this, a wedding invitation can help by being clipped on a refrigerator and act as a constant reminder.

If you are interested in having your wedding invitations printed, you should go for the theme that you want to use for your wedding. Instead of traditional white invitations, couples prefer going for invitations bearing the color and theme that they using for their wedding. An upcoming trend for weddings are fall season themes. If you would like to use this theme for your wedding, you will need to use fall inspired colors so that the invitation will look its best. You can also include other reminiscent of fall such as branches, berries, leaves, and many more.

If a fall theme wedding is what you would like to have, make sure that you email me to learn how I can help you!