Saturday, May 10, 2014

A Great Wedding Invitation Requires Preparation

You want the perfect wedding invitations, but this means doing a bit of preparation. By preparing a few things, you’ll help your wedding invitation designer create the beautiful wedding stationery you’ve been dreaming of.


First off, you should have an idea of the style of wedding you’ll be planning. You don’t need to know all the details, but knowing whether you’re going to throw a relaxed beach wedding or glamorous vintage wedding is important. This can help your designer suggest an invitation style that suits your wedding. This will include paper type, materials, type of printing, color combinations, and other elements that will give your guests a sense of what they can expect from your big day.


Knowing your wedding colors will be a big help for you and your designer. Your color choice can inform the design, but don’t feel like you have to pull together a full palate yourself. Your designer can help by suggesting other colors work with your main wedding color.


Before you get started, make sure you know how many guests you’ll be inviting. You’ll need to have a guest list before you order your invitations. Ordering too few will mean reordering, and ordering too many will mean wasted invitations. Your guest count will also have a big impact on your budget. Whatever your guest count, a good invitation designer should be able to suggest the right design for your budget, the right quantity to order, and offer flexibility on reordering. Here at Noteable Expressions, I offer a low reorder minimum and fast turnaround.


You might have the wording of your invitation all worked out, or you might be at a complete loss. Either way, you should prepare by knowing what your questions or concerns are. This will allow your designer to help by suggesting the wording that is right for you and your wedding.

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