Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Winter Themed Wedding Invitations Ideas

When it comes to planning a wedding based on a theme, you have to choose the wedding details carefully so that it matches the theme. In the case of a winter wedding theme, it is important to go with the colors white, blue, and silver as these are the ones that represent winter.

But apart from just picking out colors for your wedding theme, your winter wedding also needs to play its part. From picking out invitations to designing your wedding reception, you need to live out the wedding as if it were truly winter.

A lot of people decide on their color because of the season. Like my wedding, my colors were lavender and silver.  It’s not only because the wedding was in spring but also they are happy cheerful colors. 

For winter weddings, Noteable Expressions sells a lot of royal blue, navy blue, silver, grey, and white. And for the style, it all depends on what couples would like to have.  The invitation really sets the tone of the wedding. I usually come up with different designs to match or present the wedding theme better such as:

Choose a design carefully that you would like to use for your own winter themed wedding. We can also personalize your own wedding invitation, especially if there are some specific colors you would like to be included. Visit my website today to look at our other invitation options.