Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Not So White Weddings on the Rise

WHITE weddings will be off-color next year as tying the knot moves from the traditional into the unique.

Wedding experts predict 2014 will see a swing towards color and elaborate personal touches.

"Weddings are becoming the day that shows what people are and who they are, not only as a couple, but individually, so they are really putting a lot of effort, time and money into weddings," Emily Tredrea from Gold Coast bridal boutique A Darling Affair said.

Couples are spending more than ever on elaborate ceremonies and receptions to ensure they have a personal touch.

"What we're finding is that weddings are the one thing people allow themselves to go all out on," she said. "They are spending a lot on their gowns and suits and on styling.

"People really want to create an atmosphere for their guests that's unique to them so they're putting a lot of money into the styling and decorating than they have before, with centerpieces and decorations hanging from the ceiling and altered backdrops."

Flowers will play a big part, with elaborate floral centerpieces and chandeliers making a mark. Industrial-style venues are likely to be popular ahead of conventional reception centers.

The biggest shift, though, will be in wedding fashion.

Brides are ditching traditional white and ivory in favor of floral prints and rainbow hues, while blokes are opting for bold colors rather than basic black.

"People are really stepping out of the box and moving a little bit more towards something unique," bridal wear designer Begitta Stolk said.

She said floral frocks and dresses in pale pastel shades were the most popular.

"I think ultimately brides will move into something a bit more unique to their personality that shows more of who they are, rather than feeling like someone else in a white dress," she said.

Sam Abi from men's wear store Urbbana said maroon would be the must-have shade for wedding suits.

"It's still a manly color. It's rich looking and it doesn't have the casual feel of something like light blue or orange. It's nice and classic," he said.

Mr Abi said men were also being more adventurous with their accessories than before, embracing bow ties, pocket squares and suspenders in bright colors.