Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Five 2013 Wedding Trends We Loved (And Want To See In 2014)

Good morning Missies! I hope you are sufficiently stuffed and enjoying the festive holidays! With 2014 almost within touching distance, and maybe your wedding just around the corner, I'm taking a look at five 2013 wedding trends that I would like to see stick around into 2014.

1. Floral crowns

Never underestimate the power a simple floral crown and glowing locks on your wedding day. This is one trend we are happy to continue to see!

2. Back detailed wedding gowns

When you choose a wedding gown with lots of detail on the back not only are you obviously up on the latest bridal trends, but you’re giving your guests something interesting to look at during your ceremony. We’re excited to see which designers continue to bring this trend into 2014.

3. Outdoor ceremonies by the sea

In other words, Mr. Weather Man,  we need another blissful, balmy summer! We hope 2014 brings the sun and lots more of these stunning seaside wedding ceremonies.

4. Eco-friendly brides

We are all for helping the environment and using and reusing bits and pieces from your wedding day. This trend should really be a way of life for all of us, getting married or not! Stay tuned to find out how to throw a gorgeous green wedding.

5. DIY weddings

We’ve been so impressed by some of the DIY brides we’ve seen in 2013,  we really have high expectations for the coming year. What better way to add your personality to your wedding day that by giving it a go yourself!

Are there any trends you hope to see again once the New Year bells chime? And which trends would you rather were thrown out with the leftover turkey? Let me know with a comment below!