Sunday, November 3, 2013

Uplighting to Its Popular Wedding Packages

After popular client demand, Amplify Entertainment owner Nate Long announced today that his wedding DJ company now offers custom monogram lighting and uplighting. Couples interested in the new products can check for availability at

"We're excited to take our clients' weddings to the next level," said Long. "We're all about making each of our weddings unique to our clients and their personalities. Our custom monogram lighting and uplighting helps us with that goal."

Long says that unlike monogram lighting options offered by others, his company's are fully customizable and Long himself designs them from scratch. Many companies use pre-defined templates that aren't as customizable and offer only limited font and design options.

"We actually pulled a full-color sunflower design from a couple's wedding invitation and were able to display it on the back wall of the wedding venue for all guests to see when they sat down for dinner," said Long. "Our clients received lots of compliments from their guests."

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