Saturday, November 9, 2013


1.) Purple: We can hear wedding vendors all over cringing over the idea of more purple, but this next year we’ll see lots of deep purples and plums. Whether it’s the bridesmaid dress, table linens or flowers – purple is still in!

2.) Wedding Cake Texture: The wedding cake is often viewed as the statement piece that reflects the couples personality and wedding theme. In 2014 we’ll start to see more brides looking for soft ruffles and frills on their wedding cake, as well as pops of color for a more dramatic look.

3.) Rustic: While many of us have had enough with the mason jars; rustic has proven to still be a top runner in trends we’ll see for 2014. Couples are mixing barn weddings with touches of lace and romantic florals.

4.) Citrus Colors: Cool reds, warm yellows and oranges are sure to be popular colors walking down the aisle and shown off in reception rooms everywhere this year.

5.) Vintage: Many brides will be taking inspiration from the 1920’s with dramatic veils, cap sleeve gowns, fur wraps, hair embellishments, and incorporating shades of gold into their wedding plans. The classic bow tie is also slowly making a comeback for the men as a popular choice over the tie.

6.) Feathers: Adding to the vintage feel; brides trying to recreate The Great Gatsby will be using more feathers this year, whether it’s on the gown, in the hair or used as décor throughout the day.

7.) Marquees: This year we’ll see more marquees making their way into the reception scene showing off the couple’s initials or featuring sayings like “Love”. This unique lighting option also brings in the vintage feel that’s become oh so popular!

8.) Lace: Get ready to raid grandma’s closet, because lace is still all the rage as well going into 2014. From lace wrapped bouquet handles to lace gowns, everyone is still in love with the romantic touch this fabric can add to the wedding details.

9.) Dramatic Backs and Sleek Silhouettes: Brides all across the U.S. are ready to show off their curves in 2014 with more sleek fabrics and dramatic cuts in the back when it comes to the wedding gown selection.

10.) Shades of Blue: From deep navy blue to shades of turquoise, blue will be a popular color selection as well for 2014 weddings.

What new or continuing trends are you planning on including on your special day?