Friday, November 29, 2013

Decorating Trends For Christmas

I have had this post SOOOOO close to being ready to be done for so long.  I care way more about the photos than I do whatever witty words I may or may not be able to come up with.  So, it sits, waiting for me to be witty.  Which I am not.  So, you get it anyways.
Christmas Decorating.  Some like it trendy, some like it classic, some like to change it every year, and some keep it the same.  I fall in the middle, every year doing basically the same.  While searching for ideas to change up my own holiday decor this year, I found a few common themes.

Pretty Plaid Patterns

The plaid trend is moving from fashion and is starting to move its way over into homes.  While it is a bit too traditional for every day in MY home, for a temporary addition it totally works.  I love plaid on dishes, table cloths, ribbon, and in blankets.


Fantastic Front Doors

Breaking from tradition, I like the idea of adding a garland on your front step!  I like mittens as stockings, on the front door??  Its different, and it works.  The third wreath is a different in that its horizontal instead of round or square.  Interesting, but I like it.

Marvelous Mantels

Just pretty.  Thats all I got.
What do you like to see in your holiday decor?