Saturday, November 2, 2013

Popular Christmas Cards 2013

Are you saying it’s too early to start thinking about Christmas cards?  Well, I’m sorry, you’re wrong.

Daily life seems to move at a very fast pace, making it difficult to keep up with family and friends. Holiday stressors, gift shopping and holiday functions dominate your time. How do you show those close to you they still have a special place in your heart during the holidays?

These relationships are important to people and many are frustrated at their inability to keep in touch. Sure, social sites such as Facebook and Twitter help keep people connected, but during the holidays, people like to make face to face time with their close friends. The inability to connect with everyone close to them can result in added stress. Since in person connections are not always possible, keeping in touch through Facebook, phones, text messages and cards can help ease pressure on the relationship. Sending a personalized Christmas card with a personal message to those you cannot see communicates to the recipient that you are thinking of them over the holidays. Photo cards are especially beneficial for those you cannot connect with because it is something fun to open and provides a nice image of the family or children for the recipient. Creating several variations of personalized cards based upon the recipient is often helpful to convey a message they are sure to love!

Here are a few of my more popular Christmas greeting cards for this year: