Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Fabulous Wedding Colors 2014

If you are getting married next year then you should know the 2014 wedding color trends. This will help you in planning your wedding and creating a look that will be memorable. A friend of mine who will get married next year and she asked me a couple of weeks ago what the wedding color trends for 2014 will be. I began doing a lot of research and will be happy to share the results with you guys.


Pink theme weddings have always been very popular and they can be done in new, exciting, and classy ways, and can be the element that makes your wedding decorations beautiful.


 Gray has become a surprisingly popular color for weddings in the last couple of seasons, and this trend is forecast to continue for 2014 weddings. There are many colors which can be paired with gray, some intuitive and some more offbeat; these are some of the most lovely gray wedding color palettes.


This trend gained popularity within the past two bridal seasons with brides pairing soft colors with neutral brown; now we are now seeing more adventurous color schemes for 2014 weddings.


Those water colors or other bright colors will be one of the hottest wedding colors in the year 2014 and aqua if of course included.


Whether you’re looking to add a splash of color to your ceremony or liven up your tables cape, coral is the perfect hue that is so captivating and versatile.