Thursday, December 12, 2013

What I have Learned from the (275) Wedding Invitations

I have Designed...(This Year)

~ Don't lowball your Save-the-Date.
          A lot of people say, "Meh, I'll put that money in the invitations." I disagree! Save the Dates can be so fun - and they are your guest's first glimpse of the wedding to come.

~ Perfectly matched is perfectly boring.
          You don't want your handbag and your shoes to match but to complement each other. Same for your wedding stationery. Here's the test: spread it all out on the table. Does it all look like it belongs to the same couple? You're good.

~ Gold is not gaudy.
          My favorite palette is black and white with pops of gold. Or stem green and peachy coral with gold. See a pattern? Gold is perfect for weddings and parties.

~ Your stationer has clever cost cutters up their sleeve. Just ask.
          Here is one of mine: It's free to add your monogram or a witty phrase to the outer envelope. In a small font, it look great!

~ A colored envelope is the cheapest way to dress up your invite.

~ Break some rules.
          It's okay for the bride to collect the reply cards even though tradition says they should be sent to the host parents. Instead of listing divorced or step-parents on the invitation, go with, "Together with their families" to make everyone happy.

~ While decor is important, music  rules.
         Keep your guests dancing and hydrated and everyone will remember it as the wedding of the century.