Tuesday, December 10, 2013

A Day in the Life of a Designer

It may not be glamorous, but I love my busy life! You know my designs, you know what I 'do,' but here is a peak 'behind the scenes.'

6:30am - My alarm clock wakes me after what is usually a short night. I throw on some clothes - usually something 'handy.'

6:45am - I head to my youngest daughter's room to wake her for a school. Waking her up is like going in to combat - it usually takes tickles to wake her so I've got to have my ninja moves ready to dodge pillows, feet, and any stuffed animals that didn't fall to the floor during the night. Thankfully, after that she takes care of getting ready for school by herself.

6:50am - Head downstairs and brew that "oh-so-good" first cup of coffee

7:00-7:30am - I start checking emails and look at over-night sales. Answer requests for custom designs and check in on Facebook - all while listening to CNN on my computer. (I don't watch TV - not on the TV at any rate)

7:30am - Take care of any last minute to-do's for Morgan - check that her backpack is ready, etc

7:40am - Run her to school. She attends a wonderful charter school but the one downside is that there is no bussing and the parking lot adventure can take an hour in the afternoon!

8:15am - Home again. Grab a quick breakfast and then head to the shower.

9:00-11:00am - By now I am on my 2nd or 3rd cup of coffee and I'm back at the computer. For the next two hours I blog, email and work on marketing.

11:00-12:00 - Talk to my Mom. She lives 1/2 way across the country and without this little break I would go stir crazy!

12:00pm - Back at the computer - this time I'm usually working on custom orders

2:15pm - Leave to pick up Morgan from school

3:15pm - Home again. Settle Morgan in with her homework and a little snack and I start working on new designs

5:00pm - Start prepping/cooking dinner and spend time with the family

8:00pm - Morgan heads to bed and I head back to work. The bulk of my new designs are done between now and midnight

11-12am - Blessed sleep!

Of course, in between all of this, I pick up and clean the house, do the laundry, grocery shopping, and take care of three dogs, a lizard, and a chinchilla! I love my life <3