Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Choosing Buffet Style for Your Wedding: Trend Alert for 2014

Once you have selected your venue you will meet with the on-site catering manager to finalize your menu.  There are different options of service; a plated meal where each guest will receive their own individual entree; country style where the food items comes on platters to the tables to be passed around; buffet style where chaffing units are set out and guests go and help themselves to various food stations.

It appears in many different wedding publications that buffet style service was popular for 2013 and will continue for next year.  Why?  Weddings are about bringing two families together.  Not everyone knows each other’s side so what better way to mix and mingle but with a buffet stations.  This will allow guests to speak with each other while in line, perhaps ask each other questions about how they know the bride and groom and make some new connections and friendships.

There can be an assortment of delicious menu options or you can even do themed buffet stations.  Guests will love the variety and abundance of food. Ensure you work with your MC to ensure there is an organized format in asking the guests to make their way for dinner.

This type of service can be just as elegant as a sit down meal. Make sure that the cutlery is pre-set at the guest tables though and not rolled up in a napkin at the buffet.   You can decorate each food stations, have a jazz band play during the meal, butler pass champagne or a signature drink.  Introducing lounge furniture and or standup cocktail tables are a wonderful idea if there is enough space in your selected venue.

This is not for everyone.  Some brides don’t want guests standing in line and prefer that they are served but if this is something you have wanted to do but thought it would appear tacky or cheap, don’t worry as it seems to be a choice many brides are now leaning towards.