Saturday, June 14, 2014

Wedding DIY Heart Backdrop

Isn't this backdrop fabulous?! You can tweak it to match your own decor and colors and fab it up for you!


Metallic Fringe Curtain (available at party stores or Amazon)
Xacto Knife, Box Cutter or Scissors
Decorative Paper
Double Stick Tape or Glue Dots
Flat Tacks and Nails


step-1 Use a piece of scrap paper to draw a large heart and cut it out. Place the heart on the cardboard and trace the outline with a pencil.

step-2 Carefully cut out the cardboard heart. Use the same stencil to trace the outline of the heart on your decorative paper.

step-3 Cut out the heart — giving your self a little excess paper on the edges so you completely cover the cardboard.

step-4 Use double stick tape or glue dots to adhere the paper to the cardboard.

step-5 Hang the fringe curtain using nails or tacks.

step-6 Position the heart in the middle of the fringe curtain and slide flat thumbtacks between the paper and cardboard and onto the wall (so they don’t show)