Wednesday, April 30, 2014

We're Having a Destination Wedding - What's the Best Way to Travel with my Dress?

Destination weddings can be extra stressful if you have to fly with your wedding dress. But if you must board a plane with your dress in tow, then what's the best and safest way to travel with your gown? Our wedding etiquette experts are here to answer your questions in our daily post.

We're having a destination wedding—what's the best way to travel with my gown?

Whether you're marrying in far-flung locale or simply the state next door, getting your wedding dress to your destination safely is a huge concern. For weddings that require air travel, never check your dress (or your groom's attire, for that matter!)—you don't want to risk having your luggage lost. Instead, either pack your gown into a carry-on suitcase or take your dress on board in a sturdy garment bag and kindly ask a flight attendant if it would be possible to hang it in a closet (usually located in first class).

Be sure to arrive at the airport early to allow for extra time during the security screening. TSA personnel may need to open and unpack the dress for inspection (you can politely ask them to handle the dress very carefully and use a new pair of latex gloves for the screening). You'll need the extra time to repack the dress correctly. Adding 30 minutes onto the recommended check-in arrival time for your flight is usually sufficient, although you may need an extra hour at busy airports. Once you've reached your destination, unpack the dress promptly to release the wrinkles. Also, bring a travel steamer with you; do a test run on another garment before you begin steaming your gown to make sure the steam is clean and won't stain the fabric.