Wednesday, March 20, 2013

A Wedding Style Quiz

What kind of bride are you?

Do you march to the beat of a different drum? Are you budget-minded? Will you stop at nothing to have the best? Or do you like to keep it simple and traditional? Have a little fun by taking our short quiz to see what your wedding style is! Your answers should give you a clearer picture and head you in the right direction as you plan the wedding of your dreams!

1. The look I love can be best described by the phrase:
  A. Traditional beauty.
  B. Upscale elegance.
  C. Simple charm.
  D. Wild and spirited.

2. While planning my wedding, my first priority is:
  A. Honoring the true meaning of the celebration.
  B. Creating the perfect look.
  C. Sticking to my budget.
  D. Having the time of my life.

3. My favorite dining establishment is:
  A. A casual bar and grill restaurant.
  B. A formal restaurant with delicacies galore.
  C. A local deli.
  D. A ''hole in the wall'' with to-die-for food.

4. The statement that best describes my attitude toward my hairstyle is:
  A. I like to have the latest cut.
  B. I never leave the house without my hair completely styled.
  C. I like my hair short or pulled back and out of my way.
  D. I like my hair flowing free.

5. I would describe my personality as:
  A. Traditional.
  B. Perfectionist.
  C. Laid back and easy-going.
  D. Eclectic.

6. I think my fiance looks best when he wears:
  A. Khaki pants and a button-down shirt.
  B. Formal wear.
  C. Jeans and a t-shirt.
  D. Who cares what he wears!

7. When unexpected things happen, I usually:
  A. Adjust fairly well.
  B. Freak out!
  C. Go with the flow.
  D. Sit back and enjoy the surprises.

8. When choosing a gown, my priority will be:
  A. The color and style.
  B. The exclusive look or name brand.
  C. The price tag.
  D. The originality/uniqueness.

9. When I have a disagreement with my fiance, I usually:
  A. Pout a little, but eventually get over it.
  B. Pester or nag until he gives me what I want.
  C. Try to compromise.
  D. Find a third solution that works for both of us.

10. At my wedding, I want guests to be:
  A. A part of the meaningful traditions we’ve upheld.
  B. Surrounded by lavish beauty and an ambiance of sheer elegance.
  C. Relaxed, happy and loved.
  D. Entertained to the max.

Tally up the totals for each letter (A’s, B’s C’s, D’s) chosen and see below for some interesting information based on your results.

If you chose mostly A’s
Your Style: Your emphasis is on the deep significance of the wedding celebration. Even though you desire a wedding that is striking and elegant, and you like to keep up with the latest trends in fashion, the meaning of the day is what truly matters to you.
Ideas: A wedding theme based on traditional symbols of love and marriage such as roses, wedding bells or doves might be your pleasure when deciding on a wedding theme. For a beautiful look without causing distraction, add class by decorating with tulle and white lights. Popular flowers that add touches of class and color without overwhelming the room include roses, hydrangeas and lilies. Look for fresh ways to honor some of those familiar wedding practices in a more modern way.

If you chose mostly B’s
Your Style: If it’s stunning and beautiful, you like it! Sure, you believe strongly in committing to your love and the vows of marriage, but you see your wedding as an opportunity to plan and execute the ultimate extravaganza!
Ideas: You might consider an upscale wedding theme such as one that features gold or platinum. You can put forward richness and finery with simple accessories and accents of a precious metal. Beautiful, large calla lilies are an excellent flower choice. For great conversation pieces and a very special touch, you might consider placing some classy black-and-white photos of you and your spouse in silver- or gold-plated frames and using them to accent your guest book and gift table.

If you chose mostly C’s
Your Style: You are careful when it comes to spending and keeping within your budget is at the forefront of your wedding planning. However, you are not willing to sacrifice beauty or style. You easily realize you can have a perfectly beautiful wedding without overspending.
Ideas: Opt for a theme of simple beauty such as one that features wildflowers, daisies, hearts, snowflakes or autumn leaves. These types of themes allow you to decorate inexpensively with items like fall foliage, apples, pine cones, wheat stalks, seeds, etc. Add fullness and color to bouquets of your favorite flowers with inexpensive daisies and greens added throughout. Research additional ways to decorate on a budget; there are plenty!

If you chose mostly D’s
Your Style: You zig when most people zag. You don’t mind that some might consider you eccentric, crazy and off-the-wall. You’d rather have that then to be called ordinary. As you march to the beat of a different drum, your goal is that your wedding guests have the ultimate fun as they share your special day. You want your wedding to be one they’ll not only remember, but will talk about for years to come!
Ideas: Who says weddings have to be white, anyway? You’re daring and carefree, so you might relish in the thought of decorating with bold colors and/or patterns. Since you think outside the box naturally, and you’re not afraid to color outside the lines, you might consider themes such as a Vegas-style casino party or an outdoor Woodstock-like/flower child festival. You might decorate with groupings of wildflowers or even cattails in large corner vases. Perhaps you don’t want flowers at all (too predictable), you might consider ribbons and muslin wall hangings instead. You’re creativity will lead the way, and as you always do, follow it!