Friday, March 1, 2013

Party Invitations vs. E-Vites

It’s the word that makes me cringe when I hear someone suggest it…the dreaded e-vite. Of course I understand the coolness factor of the e-vite, it’s convenient, quick and cost-effective. However, it also can be so impersonal. When did things switch from the hand-made, crafty and creative days over to the quick, need-it-now society that we all (self-admittedly) adore?

A printed party invitation is the perfect way to create a memento for your event, before the party, at the party and after. From the moment your guest opens their party envelope, your printed invitations say a little bit about you, the host, being that you took the time to find the perfect invitation to coordinate with your event. Your invitation will set the scene for your event by reflecting your party theme and being elegantly printed with your party details. Guests will post your invitation on their fridge to save the date and get excited before the party date arrives.

At your party your invitation will come to life with your party theme, and afterwards you can save your party invitation for scrapbooking or framing to commemorate the event. Whether it’s your child’s birthday party invitation, graduation invitation or a wedding invitation, I know that just glancing at your invitation will bring back memories. Something tells me that a printout from your e-vite or facebook party page can’t do that.

Let your next party invitation stand out and grab the attention of your guests…years from now you’ll remember how much fun you had picking out your special invitation, the rave reviews you received from your guests, and how much fun it is to relive your party every time you glance at that party invitation page in your scrapbook.