Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Dos and Don'ts of Reception Cards

I’ve received a fair amount of inquiries lately about reception cards and what purpose they serve as part of your wedding ensemble, thus I thought I’d share my reception card etiquette with my dedicated wedding bloggers.

When planning your wedding, you have two options for your reception – your reception will either be at the same location as your ceremony or at a separate location following the ceremony.  When your reception immediately follows your wedding ceremony at the same location, a simple “reception to follow” or “reception immediately following” at the end of your wedding invitation is appropriate, and you won’t need an enclosure card with additional details.

If your reception and ceremony are at two different locations you will want, (and likely need), a separate reception card, which you can include with your wedding invitation.  It should list “reception to follow” followed by the  time of the reception, (if not immediately following), as well as the name and address of the reception location.  You can even choose to include attire information, parking information or age requirements, (adult reception), at the bottom of the reception card.  The reception card is great because you can keep your wedding invitation about the ceremonial love, vows and commitment you’ll be making, and add any little extra important details to your reception card.  Just be sure that you don’t list wedding registry information on this card.

When you assemble your wedding invitations, your reply set will be placed on top of your wedding invitation, and the reception card on top of that, so that the reception card is immediately noticed by your guests.  You don’t want to put it behind the invitation in case they miss it.  Your guests may want to bring the reception card with them to your ceremony so that they are able to find your reception location easily.  Be sure it is a small card that coordinates with your wedding ensemble.

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