Saturday, August 3, 2013

Find Your Wedding Syle: a quiz

Are you Rustic chic or ultra modern? Take this quick quiz and get an idea!

  1. Your date night involves:
    1. Fireside cuddling
    2. A Classic - dinner and a movie
    3. Mini golf and sushi
    4. A hike and a picnic for two
    5. Art gallery and cocktails at your favorite hot spot
  2. You must have shoes:
    1. Soft and worn cowboy boots
    2. Classic black heels
    3. Sparkly, bow-dazzled ballerina flats
    4. Bohemian sandals
    5. Patent leather stilettos with rhinestones
  3. Your jewelry box has:
    1. Antique brooches that have been passed down
    2. Diamond studs and a pearl necklace
    3. Huge cocktail rings
    4. Lots of gold and rosewood bracelets
    5. Modern, geometric shapes and lots of bangles
  4. Who do you take your coffee?
    1. With cream and sugar
    2. Earl Grey in fine china
    3. Vanilla latte in a polka dot mug
    4. Vintage gold-rimmed cup from a flea market
    5. Double espresso in a glass mug
  5.  Who is your ultimate style girl crush?
    1. Taylor Swift
    2. Anne Hathaway
    3. Zooey Deschanel
    4. Sienna Miller
    5. Alexa Chung
  6. When you envision your wedding, the colors that come to mind are:
    1. Neutrals with a dash of metallic
    2. Black and White
    3. A mix of bright colors and patterns
    4. Mixed greens
    5. Bold and monochromatic
  7. Favored mani/pedi style:
    1. A barely-there shade of pink
    2. Classic red
    3. Neon
    4. French mani/pedi
    5. Ombre nails in grey
  8. When the weather is chilly, you opt for:
    1. A cozy, chunky wool sweater
    2. A tailored peacoat
    3. A cheeky cape in a bold color
    4. A faux fur vest
    5. A leather motorcycle jacket
  9. What kind of flower girl are you?
    1. Olive branches and lavender
    2. Fluffy, gorgeous peonies
    3. I love the pop of a yellow billy ball
    4. A mix of fresh-picked wild-flowers
    5. I love all things succulent
  10. If you had to pick a favorite romantic movie:
    1. Legends of the Fall
    2. Casablanca
    3. Amelie
    4. Mamma Mia
    5. Love Actually
  11. Imagine your dream home:
    1. Ranch-style with wide open fields
    2. New England colonial with a white picket fence
    3. Vintage warehouse with exposed brick
    4. Villa with a courtyard and gardens
    5. Big city loft with a Euro kitchen
  12. Your ideal sweet treats for wedding-day nibbling:
    1. Homemade pies
    2. Three tiered vanilla cake with raspberry filling and fondant
    3. Doughnuts and macarons
    4. A cake with buttercream frosting, topped with fresh flowers
    5. Ice-cream sandwiches served from a food truck
 If you have:
Mostly 1s - you are a chic rustic bride
Mostly 2s - Classic
Mostly 3s - Whimsical
Mostly 4s - Al fresco
Mostly 5s - Thoroughly modern