Wednesday, April 17, 2013

10 Steps to Perfect Wedding Invitation Wording

Planning a wedding is not an easy task. Few people realize just how much work is involved with planning a wedding. From choosing the perfect cake flavor to designing creative and memorable wedding invitations, planning a wedding is a time-consuming process.

Let me help you solve one wedding planning problem: the wording of the wedding invitations. The wedding invitation is the first wedding-themed piece that guests will see, so it’s important to make a good first impression. And as simple as wedding invitation wording might seem, it’s rarely as easy as it sounds. aims to simplify the invitation writing process and make it easy for the bride and groom to send out invitations that are fun, catchy, and unforgettable. Whether planning a theme wedding or looking to stay classy with a professional wedding invitation, the wording of that invitation can make a massive difference.

One of the ways in which is simplifying the invitation writing process is by creating a ten step list to creating the best wedding invitations. A spokesperson for Wedding Invitation Wording explained a few of the most important steps of that list:

“Anybody planning a wedding can refer to this ten step list to create the perfect wedding invitations. Tip one suggests planners should set a budget for invitations, but be creative with that budget. For example, expensive wedding invitations are always an option, but sometimes cheaper invitations, when used creatively, offer better results. Tip five suggests working on invitations approximately nine months before the scheduled start of the wedding to allow time to tweak the design. And finally, we suggest proofreading the invitations over and over to ensure there are no misspellings or unprofessional mistakes.”

Other tips suggest that the bride and groom should hire a graphic designer if there is room in the budget. The graphic designer can suggest a colour palette for the wedding, making it easy to choose flowers, decorations, and of course, the invitations.

And when it comes to the specific wording of the invitations, it all depends on the type of wedding according to a spokesperson for the website:

“If the wedding is going to be a formal event, then formal language should be used in the invitation. If the wedding is a more casual affair attended by close family and friends, then the invitation should reflect that attitude with fun language and a natural, flowing voice. At our website, visitors will find plenty of wedding invitation wording ideas to help them find an appropriate voice.”