Monday, April 1, 2013

Invitation Registry Etiquette

What’s one of the best parts of being the guest of honor at a birthday party, wedding or shower?  Let’s admit it…opening and enjoying your gifts is definitely a fun part of your event…not that a gift is expected or maybe even necessary, but it’s a great way to celebrate any gift, and prepare yourself for your next chapter in life, should you be preparing for marriage or soon to be delivering a baby.

When a guest attends a bridal shower or baby shower, one of the first questions they ask after receiving your shower invitations is, “Where is she registered?”…due to this overwhelmingly popular question, it has thus become appropriate to include registry information upon your shower invitations, so that guests have the registry information for the honoree in an easy and convenient location – no more calling around to the mother of the bride or the groom to find out where registries have been placed.  Traditionally, registry information was only spread by word of mouth, and the listing of a registry on a party invitation had become a faux pas.  Now, with time being of the essence and in our career and family crazed society, we take joy in the convenience of clearly listing registries on our invitations.  Note: It is still extremely unacceptable to print registry information on your wedding invitations though!

So, where to register and how many places should you register?  We typically suggest listing about two to three registry locations.  Any more may be considered presumptuous or greedy, and any less may limit your guests in where to purchase a gift, especially if you are registered in a store that is not anywhere near their hometown, or out of their price range.  We typically suggest registering at a couple of stores which cover a wide range of gifts and gift prices from as low as $5.00 to overly expensive – you may get some things you expected or some items you didn’t – but whatever you register for, be sure that it is something you need.  Remember that it’s also great to choose a registry store that offers online registries so that your guests may look up your registry prior to shopping, or so that they may shop online if they wish.

What are some of the most popular registry places?  Check out some of the most-popular registry lists below:

Baby Shower – Babies R Us,, Buy Buy Baby, Pottery Barn Kids, Target

Bridal Shower - Macy’s, Pottery Barn, Target, Crate & Barrel, Bed, Bath and Beyond, Bloomingdale’s