Sunday, July 28, 2013

How to Choose Wedding Invitations

I understand that choosing a design direction for your Wedding is tough with a capital T. How do you decide when there are so many amazingly inspirational events and images out there!?! I've put together some of the top trends from fashion to art and interiors to help guide you down the style path.

Neutral is everything but blah. Blacks, whites, creams, greys and taupes combine to bring sophistication and dimension to any situation. For invitations in particular, a neutral color palette sets the stage for soft, classic and romantic, while allowing greater play with materials, textures, printing techniques and patterns. Unusual elements combine, and creativity soars with the endless options of neutral.

The pastel hues of the past have gotten a swift kick in the you know what. More punchy colors like mint, coral, salmon and yellow are all the rage. This means that invitations get to step it up a notch and get their flare on. Ink washes, florals that pop and graphic patterns are just a few ways that we see invites getting some hop back in their step.

Long dining tables, silver flatware, and plated dinners are being served up hot. Guests get the Red Carpet treatment from start to finish and that begins with the Save-the-Date. Paper goods go beyond the pulp and turn up their noses to anything less.  Getting married in the lap of luxury is just one white gloved arm length away.

More shine, more shimmer, more glam and more glitz are all the rage. Gleaming gold, silver and copper metallics bounce off surfaces throughout the Wedding spectrum. From glittering linens to gold dusted desserts, invitations are all but cast in bronze.

Chandeliers are back in full swing. From ballrooms to barns, the more crystal the better. Light flickers about the room, and dances with guests, as each facet casts a romantic glow matching that of the Bride herself. Light crawls and seeps into invitations with their translucent materials and cutting edge techniques. 

Ditch the stuffy tux and bubbly, hold onto your suspenders and raise your Manhattan to the Bride & Groom. Because old habits die hard, backyard bashes are headed for the 20’s, and bringing the speakeasy above ground. Get your swank on between croquet swings and order your liquor up neat as you take in the woodsy decor. Start practicing the Charleston because  invitations with hand-made details are back.

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