Thursday, May 2, 2013

Shake Up Your Celebration With Signature Cocktails for Your Wedding

Signature drinks have become a popular and trendy way for brides and grooms to show their personalities throughout the reception. Choose cocktail selections based on your color scheme, theme, liquor base, or even by preparation type (frozen, on the rocks, shaken, or stirred). Select one specialty drink to be passed around butler style on silver platters, or create a small menu that can be displayed on the bar with three to four assortments. Give your specialty drinks unique names to tie it all together. Instead of a Martini, for example, call it a Christini or Marktini based on the bride or groom names.
    There are endless opportunities to make sure your guests will be served with something extra sweet─or strong that will be a big hit on your wedding day. Try these delicious recipes below from Disaronno Italian Liqueur, the original Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka, Mo√ęt & Chandon Champagne and Dirty Blonde Champagne Cocktails. Here’s to raising the bar at your reception and toasting to your new marriage. Cheers! (Please drink responsibly, 21 and older, and always have a designated driver.

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